Fall Furnace Maintenance

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Fall is here and fall house cleaning has begun. Have you remembered you annual furnace tune-up? If you haven’t, or you haven’t ever even put an annual furnace tune-up on your checklist, here are some reasons not to let this chore drop off of your fall house cleaning checklist.

Annual Tune-ups save you money

A professional will check your system and clean it, which insures that it will operate at its maximum efficiently. This guarantees lower utility bills, saving you money.

Most furnaces will last as long as 20 years or more if properly maintained.  However, a furnace system can wear itself out quickly without a yearly cleaning and inspection. Annual servicing can be as little as $100–far better than the cost of a new furnace.  Investing in regular furnace maintenance can limit repairs over the lifetime of the system. With fewer repairs your cost of your heating unit is less.

Annual Tune-ups prepares you for winter freezes

A fall heating inspection is designed to identify possible problems ahead of time. It is better to take care of the problem early in the fall rather than have to place an emergency call on a freezing night in February.

Your annual inspection also gives you time to order parts if you find it are necessary. Or if you furnace is old and seen its last days, it gives you time to replace it before the hard freezes set in.

Annual Tune-ups keep you safe

According the system you have, a malfunctioning furnace can pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home.


Here is what is checked in your Annual Tune-up by a professional:

Electrical and gas connections are checked and tightened accordingly.

Operational pressures are checked

Condenser coils are cleaned

Motors current and voltage are measured

Safety switches are checked for proper operation of the high limit switch and other controls. These shut down the furnace automatically in the event of dangerous temperatures or other malfunctions.

Moving parts are cleaned and lubricated to reduce friction

The thermostat is checked for operation and accuracy to verify that it signals on and off cycles to the furnace correctly

Blower assembly is cleaned

Condensate drain lines are cleaned

Air filter is cleaned and replaced

What you can do for fall maintenance of your furnace

There are things that you can do to extend the benefits of your fall furnace tune-up. To keep your furnace system running efficiently and safely follows this checklist:

Furnace filter: For proper airflow your filter needs to be changed regularly. This also will add longevity to the life of your furnace system

De-clutter around your furnace: You want your furnace to be easily accessible in case of an emergency. Make sure the surrounding area is free of clutter.

Smoke detectors and monoxide detectors are charged: Check the batteries often and test them regularly

·         Always change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test them regularly

·         Post the emergency number of your gas company on your furnace and call the minute you smell gas around the unit

·         Make sure you know where your emergency gas shutoff valve is and ensure that it is easily accessible

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