Fall House Cleaning Checklist and Tips


Fall House cleaning is upon us. The best way to tackle fall house cleaning is to make a list and then schedule the chores. Your house cleaning won’t overwhelm you if you have your list and calendar in hand. Here is a checklist with tips for fall house cleaning:

Inside your Home

Wash all your windows

It is best to wait for a cloudy day so that you can see the streaks better. You can use a class cleaner, or mix in a spray bottle water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Or you can use 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water in a spray bottle as well. Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. Or you can wipe it down with newspapers (just use gloves to avoid getting ink on your hands).

Window Blinds

Vinyl shades can be wiped down with a microfiber cloth. For dusty canvas, cotton or fabric blinds vacuum them using the brush attachment and your vacuums low setting. For window treatments, if they are moderately dirty first vacume the valance and then vacuum from top to bottom using your vacuums cleaner’s upholstery brush. Some drapes can be machine washed on delicate. Lace, linen, satin, and silk drapes will need to be sent to a professional cleaner.

Clean Walls

If you have wood wood-paneled walls, it is time to dust, wash, rinse and dry them.

Ceiling mounted light fixtures and fans

It is time to dust them off thoroughly.

Wipe down kitchen cupboards

Empty all your kitchen cabinets. Replace any cabinet liners that you use. Take the time to go through all your contents and decide what you want to keep, what you might want to donate (or sell in a rummage sale) and what you want to keep. Reorganize your cabinets with the items you are keeping.

Refrigerator Condenser Coil

Gently vacuum the coil with your vacuum’s brush attachment

Straighten your closets

Pull out everything from your closet. Go through your clothes, deciding which ones you want to toss, donate, sell or keep.

Smoke Detectors

Check to make sure your smoke detectors are working (and carbon monoxide detectors). If you don’t have any, it is a good time to install them.

Furnace Filters

It is best to replace your furnace filters regularly, but if you haven’t replaced your furnace filter in the past three months, you need to replace it now.


If you have a fireplace it is time to have you professional inspect it and sweep it.
Outside Your House

Windows and doors

Inspect the weather stripping on windows and doors. Repair as needed. It will add to your heat efficiency come winter.


Check those gutters and downspouts and clean them from all the falling leaves.

Garden Hoses

Don’t overlook draining your garden hoses and storing them. If you leave your hoses attached to the bib and you have a sudden freeze, it can actually crack the pipes.

Patio Furniture

Don’t allow the elements to destroy your patio furniture. Clean it well and then store it.

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