Frequently Asked Questions: Tenants & Landlords

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There are a lot of questions that you as a prospective tenant may have for your future landlord, or maybe you’re not sure the types of questions to be asking? Our goal is to provide quality housing in the Penascola, Navarre, Gulf breeze area and we want your experience to be as great as possible.  All tenants can expect to be treated with respect when dealing with us. A lot of times the questions that get posed to us are along the lines of, what’s included with this, or are we allowed to do this, or have that.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when we interview with prospective tenants, and maybe the question that’s been sitting in the back of your mind will already be answered.   Some of the most commonly asked questions are.


Q: How do I apply for one of your rentals?

A: Apply online, or complete one of our rental applications and drop it off at our office.


Q: What is required upon move in?

A: We require the first months rent, security depost, and pet deposit if applicable.


Q: What utility companies do I call?

A: Call Gulf power for all your electricity needs in the Penascola, Gulf breeze, Navarre, and Milton areas.

For Navarre:  Cox cable 1 866 583 0719 / Holley Navarre Water 850 939 2427

For Pensacola:  Cox cable 1 855 708 3385 / Ecua water 850 476 0480

For Milton: Milton Water 850 983 5400


Q: How do I secure renters insurance?

A: You can usually get renters insurance through the same people who supply you with vehicle insurance


Q: Can I make upgrades to the property?

A: Before doing any painting or any other cosmetic work, please contact your property management manager for approval.  We will then need to contact the owner to get his or her approval.


Q: Can I get a pet after I move in?

A: Yes, All pets must be approved by the owner.  Before adopting or buying a pet, you must have owners approval, and pay the pet deposit.


Q: How do I submit a move out notice?

A: We usually require a 30 day written notice in order to process your move out.  Notices must be given by the 1st and must be for the last day of that month. If you want to move out in the middle of the month you can but will still be responsible for a full months rent.


Q: What are my maintenance responsibilities?

A: Tenants are expected to treat the property as if it were their own and make minor repairs as needed.  Any major repairs to be conducted would need prior approval from the maintenance manager and would usually need to be handled by a 3rd party vendor.


Q: How can I add or remove someone from the lease?

A: You must notify us at the office, immediately if someone moves in our out so we can make the necessary changes to the lease.

Q: My rent will be late is that ok?

A: There is a 5 day grace period, If you must be late ,please notify us of when you would be able to pay and how much you could pay.


Q: When is hurricane season and how do I prepare?

A: Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, and you can be prepared by staying tuned to the local weather and news information outlets, and having a kit of flashlights with batteries, battery powered radio, and bottled water.


Q: How do I renew my lease when it’s up?

A:  Resubmit an application


Q: Are there any military discounts?

A: We do offer military discounts


Q: What happens to my lease if I get deployed?

A: You will need to find someone, with approval from us, to sublet the apartment or continue to pay your rent as you normally would.

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